Friday, December 3, 2010

When You're The Leader by Bob Gass

The one who plants and the one who waters work together with the same purpose. And both will be rewarded for their own hard work. 1 Corinthians 3:8

Church growth consultant Jim Wideman highlights some things you can do to help those looking to you for direction: 

1) Put their goals and needs first. You're a part, not the whole enchilada. Think about how your actions affect others. Be observant of the challenges and setbacks they're experiencing, and find ways to lighten their load even if they don't ask. 

2) Help others to win. Let others take a slam-dunk while you take an assist. Keep the ball moving till someone has a chance to score. Adopt the motto, 'It doesn't matter who gets the credit.' Be willing to accept blame and reluctant to assign it. Maintain an authentic desire to share victories. 'A kingdom divided by civil war will collapse' (Mark 3:24 NLT); you can't sink someone else's end of the boat and keep your own afloat. 

3) Over-communicate. Keep everyone in the loop, spend time with your peers, invest in your teammates, and admit when you need help. Be open to correction and advice. Leadership coach Rick Tate said, 'Feedback is the breakfast of champions,' and a good communicator is a good listener. 

4) Don't take things personally. Leadership, by definition, is about 'others.' When you start thinking it's all about 'you,' you lose perspective. 

5) Give it all you've got. Paul, Timothy's mentor, said to him: 'Concentrate on doing... work you won't be ashamed of... ' (2 Timothy 2:15 TM). Good leaders empower others. Lao-Tzu said, 'At the end of the days of truly great leaders, the people will say about them, "We did it ourselves.'' 

 "... Whoever wants to be a leader... must be your servant." - Matthew 20:26

Mac Anderson says: 'Like every human being, I have doubts, fears and disappointments... As leaders, however, we must manage our attitude... we can't underestimate the influence of our actions and attitudes. 

Churchill said, "The price of leadership is responsibility to stay positive whether you feel like it or not." 

A good leader launches out before success is certain... doesn't run from confrontation... talks about his own mistakes before anybody else's, and acknowledges them before others have to discover and reveal them. He looks for opportunities to find his teammates doing something right, and encourages the smallest improvement. He doesn't tolerate murmuring in himself or in others... is specific in his expectations... values accountability... does what's right instead of what's popular or convenient.' 

What does the word 'servant' bring to your mind? The guy who works behind the scenes? The personal assistant who makes you look good? The mate who worked so you could complete your degree? 

Charles Stanley says: "Godly servants are all around us, but we often take them for granted." 

This is a tragedy we need to correct-not only for their sakes but for our own. Their faithful service brings untold blessings... Wherever Joseph went, the people he served were blessed. Potiphar wasn't a God-fearing man, yet he prospered because of Joseph. 

Find the people in your life who have the gift of godly service and spend time with them... When you turn your nose up at someone doing "servant's work" you cut yourself off from a relationship that could literally change your life.' Each of us has the potential to be great-not famous, but great, because greatness comes by serving!

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