Converging Zone Network

The Converging Zone Network (See Portal) is a platform for purposeful connectivity in every global sphere of society. Provide an atmosphere in which significant relationships can be found and developed. It is a place where every member contributes to the exchange of products, services, and world-class training, and has an opportunity to market their business, ministry or concepts to a new and growing audience. We have created an open source platform in which the best of shared resources can come together on one virtual planet. 

Business, ministry, and professional leaders can connect in relevant ways towards the transformation of lives, communities, and societal economics. Through our technology we help identify those in local communities who desire to establish relationships in safe, encouraging, and productive ways. SEE PORTAL

We will be developing Pearl Exchange Gatherings that are being served by men and women in their communities who have a desire to bring people together for relational, relevant, and transforming opportunities.

Finding Each Other
We are all called to do something great, but not called to do it alone. God has people that we will help along their journey and likewise others that will help complete what we are called to do. We will have registrations based on callings and interests that people live and work in that we call spheres of society. Some call it mountains of society, but we all can agree, that we all have an opportunity to influence and lead others towards transformed lives and communities. For many of you, you will register under several categories as you may be interested and called to more than one sphere locally or globally. These are the 12 primary registration spheres we will be able to search and find each other in.
  • Family
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Business
  • Government
  • Religion/ Church/ Mission
  • Social & Community Development
  • Environment
  • Finance
  • Technology, Science
  • Media/ Arts/ Entertainment
  • Coaching, Consulting, Training