CZN's Mission:

To create a platform for purposeful connectivity in every global sphere of society. Provide an atmosphere in which significant relationships can be found and developed. A place where every member can contribute to the exchange of relationships, vision, products, services, and world class training resources.  Where the best of shared resources come together on one virtual planet. Business, ministry, and professional leaders can connect in relevant ways towards the transformation of lives, communities, and societal economics. Through our technology we help identify those in local communities who desire to establish relationships in  safe, encouraging, and increasingly productive ways.

12 Objectives of the Converging Zone Network

Community - CZN provides a way to find and build community with those who have a common language, values, and mission.  The CZN platform encourages and empowers purpose filled relationships in which vision and resources can be shared and experienced. CZN is tribe among tribes, and the tribes have a commonality of loving God and loving others. 

Connectivity - Lasting and substantive change can be best effected by a tribe, or a group of people who are purposely connected to each other. Both locally and globally, CZN allows members to find each other in different spheres of society while opening opportunities for life giving relationships to be developed and sustained.  

Technology - Tipping points are levels at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable, and where Ideas, products, messages and behaviors spread immeasurably. Our technology gives us a solid platform for tipping point activities. God created us for more, bigger, better, and we reach further together as we help others move towards their destiny.

Education - Members can engage with world-class training modules that feature some of the best teachers in the world. The CZN University allows you pick from a variety of spiritual and practical classes that allow you be educated and empowered any time and from anywhere.

Sustainability - CZN provides opportunities to bring resources to businesses, ministries and families in God honoring ways. Economics change and so do the methods of the exchange of goods and services. Our technology enhances the stewardship of individuals and organizations towards their mission in life.

Coach-ability  - Through enhancing our relational ability in an atmosphere of safety we can feed-forward positive input into each others lives. We can to hold each other capable to the goals each may have set forth for ongoing growth, which greatly accelerates success.

Marketplace - Business and the exchange of goods and services is the fabric of every society. CZN hopes to serve others by creating profitable ways to do business with character and integrity. The CZN system rewards those who engage in healthy business, while encouraging and empowering others towards profitable God honoring business. 

Societal Transformation - We are driven towards missions, especially the mission to love and impact the world for good to the glory of God. We emphasize servant coaching and the equipping of others. We continue to work on technology that will bring better tools to practically help those who need it the most. We also continue to look at key performance indicators to see how we all are doing and discovering the most excellent ways to serve others.

Standards - CZN members are in agreement to participate with one another in godly ethical standards. The agreement to honor each other, and seek the best for each other makes the CZN society safe while creating a bridge that brings multi-generations together in a variety of ways. Advertising and content that is appropriate creates an enjoyable family friendly environment.

Dream Genesis - We provide tools, mentors, and coaches who will prepare and encourage others towards birthing their vision. Many visions that have been in dormant in dream form will become reality through business planning, intellectual resources, and an atmosphere that is conducive to the incubation of success. 

Exchange - As we continue to develop a coaching culture that develops vision and business plan excellence, we also know that financial resources are often necessary for a business to get off the ground. The exchange will help members locate godly resources to launch their business or ministry.

CZN's Statement of Beliefs:

CZN begins with the premise that all people are created and loved by God. That regardless of race, culture or creed, God values each person who was designed in His image. There is a Way, a Truth, and a Life worth pursuing together. We begin with loving God and loving others with all of our heart, soul, and mind.
We respect each person's spirituality. We have a deep respect for the many different ways people experience the divine in their lives. We show our respect by demonstrating our willingness to accept others belief systems as basically sincere, without compromising our own beliefs.

We desire to honor God in all we do, and by seeking to live in these foundations of His nature. 
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Grace
  • Mercy
  • Slow to Anger
  • Covenantal Faithfulness
  • Truth
  • Forgiveness
We are Christ followers that hold high the most common and powerful truths that encompasses many truths. Love God with our heart, soul and mind, and love all of humanity in God's amazing love.