Robert Ricciardelli along with his wife Joyce are the founders of the Converging Zone Network and Visionary Advancement Strategies. They are involved in businesses that serve in the area of transformational life in every societal context. Through their connecting ministry, newsletters, and social networking platforms, they bring collaboration to over 100,000 each week in various spheres of society.

Robert's 25 years in Corporate America has given him a broad world-view of the Kingdom of God in everyday life. They bring a message of God's love expressed through faith, and help many to journey further into their destinies and purposes. The Ricciardelli's reside in Charlottesville, VA, and travel extensively.  Robert grew up in Seattle, WA to Italian immigrant parents and Joyce is from Missouri.

They have two sons, Anthony 28, married to Aga, and Aaron 24, both living in the Seattle area. Aleksandra, their first grandchild was born to Anthony and Aga, on August 25th, 2010.

Robert is a transformational life coach, assisting in the discovery of solutions that advance the destinies of individuals, faith communities, and businesses. He is also a business consultant focusing on the areas of Character and Emotional Quotient strategies and well as development of  God honoring businesses that can impact people and their communities.

Robert speaks at churches and conferences regarding the Kingdom of God and practical ways to advance His Kingdom into every sphere of society. He speaks on an Agape “Father Pleasing” lifestyles, while also teaching practical principles of God centered and transformational business practices. He uses universal language to speak to the heart of various cultures and religions in order to bring the presence of Christ to every atmosphere and mountain of society. 

Joyce helps Robert in every phase of life as lover, partner, friend, and navigator. Joyce is also the Executive Director of the Liberty Health Group, and both Robert and Joyce have a passion for wholeness of body, soul, and spirit.