Sunday, December 5, 2010

About the Articles We Publish by Robert Ricciardelli

Seeing the Good! - On occasion I am asked by subscribers as to why I was publishing an article from a particular author. They were wondering if I knew what that author did or said in 1985, 1998, or even last week. Whether I did or did not know what this author might have said in 1985, or whenever, I would ask, "What does that have to do with the current article?" When we publish an article on our newsletter, it is because we believe there is some value for readers to learn from, or be encouraged and inspired by. This does not necessarily mean that we endorse everything the author might do or say in their life. 

Part of the ongoing desire of the Converging Zone Network is to see the Body of Christ converge, or to be as one. This is not to bring uniformity, but to see the beauty and strength in our differences as we come together for one common purpose, to bring people towards the knowledge of God, and to bring glory to God through our individual and collective lives. Those of you that have had the patience of watching me try to live out of this paradigm know that I have failed many times in this, but you also must know that I believe in it so much, I will not quit the pursuing of this. 

There are articles that may have elements of confirmation and truth, and other elements that may not be as strong, but can we take from the good, and be empowered by grace for the not so good. We are also not to be limited to our own paradigms or perceptions and so sometimes we may not necessarily agree totally on some things. I am a walking contradictory to myself sometimes. :) I often have had to shift from things I thought were true but later found to be not true or sometimes just having to shift to a greater truth or meaning. 

We also must realize that we all are coming from different world -views and faith experiences, and we all have different lenses we look through. This means that in some ways, we may miss something that others are catching, and catch some things that others are missing. This is true life, this is the reality of the Body of Christ in various cultures, experience, and expression. 

I hope you hear my heart on this and be thankful for the value you perceive and have grace where the perception of value may be lacking. I know God judges the heart more than he does our accuracy or our own righteousness, and thank you Jesus that we can by faith live in your righteousness and not our own. 

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  1. Dave and Bonnie DuellMarch 9, 2011 at 5:35 PM

    Great word, Robert--filled with grace and graciousness! We know someone who destroyed a large supply of books because one of the contributor-authors "fell" into sin for a time. What was written was still valid and biblical. Such a waste, in our opinion.


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