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Visionary Advancement Strategies Newsletter November 28th, 2010

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We are looking for those who have experience with HTML, websites and Newsletters like this and who may be led to help us for our next steps in reaching and connecting people around the world. You can reach me, Robert, at
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We continue to do all with all the Lord has given us. For those who choose to partnership, we thank you in advance.
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From the Ricciardelli's and the CZN team.
Loving people requires the desire to see the living Christ among them and to love them in His agape love. This is true for the poor, the oppressed, and the forgotten ones, as well as leaders, the proud, and those who are well known. This love doesn't mean agreeing with everyone's ideas or behavior. On occasion, it even means confronting the attitudes and actions of others.

It is easy to love the humble and brokenhearted, and sometimes very difficult to love the proud, and those who operate in control and manipulation. Move in His love and trust in the power of His presence in your own life, and the miraculous changes that can take place in others through love, prayer, and the receiving of the grace that God gives.
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Pondering Quote of the week -
Thankful Giving by Robert Ricciardelli
An unthankful heart cannot give or receive love or mercy. A thankful heart can see God and can give selflessly to others in His love, mercy, and goodness. When we thankfully receive all that God has done in our lives, we can powerfully serve others in bringing them towards an awakened and thankful existence. May grateful and joyful hearts in God bring forth heavenly blessings, this day and everyday!

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