Sunday, November 7, 2010

Delusion Versus Destiny by Luke Holter

Delusion vs. Destiny: Taking Matters into Our Own Hands Instead of Leaving them in God's

I was speaking at a conference recently and met several people at a "meet and greet" session. I met a lot of wonderful people who had some great stories. People shared their aspirations and dreams that were ultimately never realized nor had come to pass.

After this event, we were at another meeting where I met some dissatisfied with their true calling and wanted to make it on their own. Some felt they would have more success fulfilling their dreams through their own strength rather than through the hand of the Lord.

"Destiny is Not the Same Thing as Delusion"

I started praying for these dear ones and asked the Lord, "How can they walk in true destiny and be happy with their calling and giftings?" I heard the Holy Spirit answer me, and He said, "Destiny is not the same thing as delusion." This totally blew me away. I started thinking over my own life when I pursued a professional music career and what that felt like to try and try and never get what I was looking for. A light bulb turned on, and I started to ask what He meant.

I started studying delusion in the Word of God and found so many examples from the heroes of the faith. Moses had delusions about his destiny and he killed a guy, then ran off and tried to hide. Abraham had delusions about his destiny, which brought about Ishmael; when the whole time God had an Isaac (a promise) set aside for him. Gideon had to be reminded that he was a mighty man of valor by the Angel of the Lord.

I asked the Holy Spirit, "What is the difference between destiny and delusion?" The Holy Spirit spoke and said, "Destiny is God's dreams for your life, and delusion is based on deception which comes through your pain and disappointments." See, when we have an unresolved wound it perverts our vision, concepts and choices. Deception gives birth to delusion, which causes you to get off course from your destiny.

The Lord Wants to Heal Our Perceptions of His Destiny For Our Lives

I started to realize, in reading about delusion and destiny, that the main reason why most people lose their "dreams," is because they allow deception in their lives and thus, instead of attaining dreams, they settle for delusions. This includes a worship singer turned secular artist who is not called in that arena, the Christian model who chooses a less than savory path to get noticed, and so on. I am seeing this kind of thing come against so many in the Church. Maybe you stepped out on a limb once and someone knocked you down, so you swore to "make it" no matter what; or maybe you said, "I will never try that again." The Lord wants to heal our perceptions of His destiny for our lives.

In my own life and the lives of many others I have learned that delusion is a control-based way of making our perceived dreams come true. This is a trust issue on our end relating to the goodness of God. We are not sure that He knows what truly is best for us, so in response we "help Him out." These are not just in the way some Christians abandon their calling for a secular one, but are also those who don't know their calling and thus attempt to become what they respect.

An example would be the individual who really wants to be a prophet so they begin running around announcing to everyone that they are one. If we could make peace with who we are and the callings on our lives, we would walk in more authority and power.

The Key to Unlocking Our Destiny is to Lean on Our Identity in Christ

God has given us talents and giftings that He wants us to use for His glory and our ultimate happiness! The enemy would love it if you would use those gifts for him and his demonic plans to remove your dignity. People in our lives have at times failed us in the aspect of making us feel special or "like we are enough just as we are." We are always enough for God because He sees the truth of who we are. He sees us as perfect because of Jesus. Identity in Christ empowers you to walk the true path toward your destiny.

The key to unlocking our destiny is to lean on our identity in Christ. Low self-esteem is the number one killer of Christians. So, in my study, I have found that low self-esteem dictates our path to delusion, and identity empowers us on our path to our true destiny. When we feel like we are not pleasing to God, we begin to doubt our self-worth; and so our vision becomes skewed due to the need to make ourselves valuable rather than believing that we are valuable to the Lord.

I challenge you to live in your destiny and do not waste time on delusion and heartache. Trust is the catalyst for love. Jesus is showing that He only can be trusted with our desires and destiny and He only can change our circumstances. Jesus knows us and we do not need to spend our time distancing ourselves from Him because of our fear of failure in our relationship with Him. We should not let the enemy determine proximity to God. Shame is a tool the enemy uses to determine how close we get with God and how much we trust God. Sin is not more powerful than destiny. Let's break the bonds of the enemy and run to the Father in full submission of our lives and hearts.

I want you who read this to remember the things spoken over you and continue to call them forth. Don't settle for something less than what God has set aside for you and your life. Don't let the enemy remove your dignity through deception. Rather make a public mockery of the enemy through living out of identity in Christ and reach your destiny.

Luke Holter
Prophetic Sheep Ministries

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