Sunday, November 7, 2010

Awaken, My Love: A Vision of the Bride by Victoria Boyson

There is a churning in the hearts of many saints to have more than the status quo Christian experience; they want to experience Jesus for themselves and they want all they can get of Him. And even that never seems to be enough. The cry of their hearts is continually, "More, Lord! We want more of You!"

The Lord is whispering into the hearts of those who love Him to awaken His Bride. I see them now in the Spirit as spots of light on a globe. All over the world, strategically placed, are His lovers. The cry of their heart is, "More!" and the more they cry, the more they get until they are gushing over with uncontrollable passion for Jesus.

Their passion is so true and genuine that, at times, those who are cynical think it cannot possibly be real, but it is. As those who are cynical begin to see the reality of the faith of His lovers, a divine jealousy is birthed down deep inside their hearts. Without even realizing it, there is an awakening in them: a cry for "More!"

Then, they too are willing to go anywhere and do anything as long as the Lord is there with them. Anything He wishes is their fondest desire, no matter how incredible it may seem – it is their reality more than the reality they live in. It is what they dream about, what makes them able to tolerate this world. It is not the hunger for souls that drives them, but their deep desire to care for what He loves, which is the lost Bride of Heaven.

It is to these lovers that the Lord is calling to awaken His Bride.

A Vision of the Lost

In a vision, I saw a well-known evangelist. He was standing outside in the open, on a platform before a sea of people. There were so many people, I could not see the end of them – the crowd went as far as I could see.

I watched him from behind as he stood and faced the people. As he stood watching them, he began to comb his fingers through his hair and pull at it. Again and again he did this clutching, as if he were in anguish. He rocked back and forth in front of the people, overwhelmed by the vast number before him.

He looked at the people and threw up his hands to Heaven and cried out to God in anguish, "Oh, God, there's too many people!" He was overpowered by the gravity of the need before him, at the sight of so many souls needing and hungering for Jesus. Searching the heavens, he screamed out in a loud voice, "Oh, Lord, awaken Your Bride!"

A Vision of the Bride

Then the scene suddenly changed to a peaceful garden filled with rest and serenity. Laying on a bed in the middle of the garden was a captivating young woman clothed as a bride. Her hair was long and thick in a mass of perfect curls spread around her face and shoulders, like a dark amber cloud. Her head was adorned with a simple white garland of flowers seeming to belong to her like the thick tresses of her hair. She was absolutely the most beautiful bride I have ever seen – she took my breath away.

She lay like a portrait in peaceful tranquility on the cushioned bed surrounded by the artistic garden made to frame her. Her long thick lashes and full red lips rested stilly while her flowing white chiffon gown lay perfectly spread about her as she slept. Everything about her exuded purity – uncluttered beauty unlike anything I had ever seen.

Jesus entered the garden and approached her as she slept. As He gazed at her with awaited purpose, He bent down near her and touched her as He spoke, "Awaken, my love. It is time to awaken."

As she opened her eyes and sat up in her bed, Jesus stood back to watch her move. She looked at Him with anticipation and stood to her feet. She looked searchingly at herself and straightened her dress, rightly placing her hair, as if to dust off the remnants of her slumber. When she was quite certain she was ready, she looked at Him with eyes rich with anticipated love.

She ran to the Lord and threw her arms around His neck in an unbridled, playful way but exuding such sweet tender love for Him. How happy she was that He had awakened her. She hung her head back and gazed into His eyes, still clinging to Him. Her eyes spoke of a deep well of the most pure and innocent love. Truly, she was filled with love for her Lord.

Suddenly, she pulled back from Him with her eyes closed and face raised to His. She was completely filled with love for Him and her love was evident through the joy that flooded her face. So full of such a wonderful, incredible, indescribable love, she let loose of Him and twirled around in front of Him as if to enjoy the love she felt for Him. He laughed gleefully as He watched her adoringly.

The Light of His Love

She ran to embrace Him again and as they held each other a bright piercing light burst forth from inside her. Her body was soon encompassed completely by this incredible light. It exploded forth from her and filled the garden where they were. With eyes closed, head raised and arms outstretched in front of Jesus, she stood illumined by the powerful light radiating from her.

Suddenly, coming from deep inside her, four silvery-white birds burst outward and flew in all directions. They surged upward in flight, soaring rapidly over the face of the earth covering mountains, oceans, cities and plains. They carried with them the same radiating light that emanated from the bride. Soon, the powerful, life-filling light was saturating the globe.

The bride and her Bridegroom remained in the garden adoring one another. He watched as she glowed with the light of His love. He seemed not surprised by her beauty, but completely proud of her. He had always seen her beauty, and now the world would be captivated by her as she radiated with His glory.

He knew fully that, at last, she was truly and completely His. He was assured that, in her eyes, there was no one else alive – she saw only Him. And she was saturated in the confidence of His love for her. The knowledge of His passionate love for her made her illuminate His glory – a tangible expression of His love.

Dear Saints, you are this Bride. You are the Bride of Christ, the Bride of Heaven, and the world has yet to see your true inner beauty and to feel the waves of piercing glory that will burst forth from your love for Jesus.

The glory of God is made tangible to the world by the light of His love emanating through you. That love WILL spread to the farthest corners of the earth, canvassing it in His glory.

"Awaken, my love, it is time to awaken."

Victoria Boyson
Speaking Life Ministries

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