Saturday, June 12, 2010

Everlasting Means Ever-Present by Graham Cooke

Scientists say that the sun is a self supporting ball of pure energy derived from continuous thermonuclear reactions at its core. The power unleashed in those reactions is so awesome that theoretically the sun could shine for billions of years with no appreciable change in size or radiance.

How like God to set something in motion that would reflect His endless preoccupation with life eternal. All creation models the Creator. Like the sun His love is ceaseless and constant. Everlasting means ever-present. We always approach God from our own finite sense of what life means to us. In and of ourselves we are bounded, demarcated, and terminable.

It is only when we agree to align ourselves in Jesus that the infinite can be laid aside and the eternal comes to the fore of our conscious thinking and believing. At the heart of everything is Jesus and His eternal state of being. He is from everlasting to everlasting. His love, joy, and peace affect us in the same way. In Christ we live in the full flow of life everlasting. As we consciously abide in Him the life we encounter must be defined from the infinite and not the temporal.

All our human questions need to be asked again within that context. Life is really about wholeness and not just healing. Peace can only be aligned with Presence and not circumstances. Rest is concerned with living from Heaven not the conditioning of our current prospects. Joy is the atmosphere of Heaven because it is the quintessential nature of God.

Like the sun, love is a chain reaction that is designed to provide us with a constant, continual radiance of God’s goodness and glory. Life thrives on the energy of the sun. We prosper in the power of love that resides in us where Jesus is ever-present. As born again children of God that same love is our birthright that leads us into an inheritance of affection in the depths of the Father’s passion for His Beloved.

The endowment and the influence of that love make our lives irresistibly attracted to goodness and kindness. Love enlarges our heart and makes us open to all the possibilities of Heaven. We are the Beloved. We no longer need to search for love, He lives within. The finite takes its cue from the external world around it and we are subject to that poverty spirit all our lives. We live with meager possibilities when the eternal part of us is underdeveloped. Jesus became poor so that we might become rich in Him. He stepped into the poverty of the finite so that we could step into His everlasting life and nature to receive the life of everlasting love.

Love is endless. It will never cease. How real is the everlasting? How strong a hold does the finite have in our hearts and minds? We say so glibly that eternal life begins at salvation but then confine our experiences of God to the temporal. It’s time for a fresh encounter with Heaven’s reality, especially in the area of real, abiding, and eternal love.

It is the power of love that transforms us. We are always touched by the eternal because the Father is never finite. When Christ was resurrected back into His eternal state, the Father placed Him in us and us in Him. The Cross is the end of finite thinking and living as an expression of man to God spirituality. We live in the everlasting realm of God to man intentionality. We are supernatural precisely because we are eternal now.

Love makes us that way. We are learning in love to be conformed to the image of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is eternal, love is everlasting, and we are far more than we can imagine by ourselves. Love is impossible to stop when the object is adored by the subject. Because we are love in Christ we have His all consuming endless involvement with the Father to draw upon in the sustaining power of the Holy Spirit.

Love gives and gives with no diminution of supply. Our lives become more radiant the more we express love. We too, in Christ, can shine like the Son and when we live from the eternal we can illuminate His Presence for all people without any exceptions.

Let there be light.


  1. thanks Graham and Robert for being you in Him and passing along, sharing the Love

  2. Rachel Culver in ihop prayer room yesterday sang "Your Name is Love and you love to love, that's who You are"


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