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The Emerging Life Coach Movement by John Chasteen

Coaching is a hot trend in today's world.. Joyce and I believe in the coaching method and we are coaches to each other and others.... A coach listens more than anything, and uses questions to draw out the experience and potential steps needed for success. This article by our friend John Chasteen speaks to the growth of this model. If you want to be coached, or desire to become a coach, please contact me at (Robert)


COACH – isn’t that a word used in association with an athletic event?  Not any more!  The coaching movement is alive and well both in the church, and the corporate landscape of America. 

According to the Harvard Business Review, the number of people entering the coaching field has skyrocketed over the last decade.  Estimates project at least 20,000 working in the business/corporate industry alone.  

Coaching is a hot trend in today's world.

So you are probably asking, “What does this have to do with me- I’m just a common everyday person?”  That’s just it - coaches are common everyday people who come along side others and offer support, accountability, and encouragement. So why coach? Here are a few reasons: 

I. It's a Biblical Model
Is coaching biblical?  Absolutely!  One of the most prominent examples in the New Testament is Barnabas. (Acts 4 & 5)   To understand Barnabas is to understand coaching.  Barnabas was an excellent coach who nurtured many into leadership and greatness in the kingdom – including the Apostle Paul. 

Interestingly, it seems he chose to retreat from the mainstream of leadership and fade into the background of the New Testament church, scholars believe he did this in order to coach and mentor emerging leaders.

II. Here's the Basic Premise
The basic premise of coaching is this; “Your own insight is much more powerful than my advice.”  Malcolm Knowles, the father of adult education in the U.S. states, “One of the most significant findings from adult learning research is that when adults learn something naturally instead of being taught- they become highly self directing and feel immediate ownership. 
These insights go against the grain of most hierarchical leadership paradigms in America.  However, leadership models are rapidly changing from directing to influencing.  From controlling, to role modeling, from bossing to coaching.  Have you made the shift?

III. It's a Relational Experience
At the heart of every good coaching partnership is a powerful and meaningful relationship.  The buzz word” connect, reveals that most Americans are in a crisis of relationship.  
Coaches know that the strength of progress is dependent on the strength of the relationship.  Real transformation comes through the conveyance of information through strong and meaningful relationships.  

Are  you ready to be a coach to someone?  Or to be coached?  Well, get ready, the day is coming when you just might hear someone say, “hey - would you mind coaching me?"

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  1. No we are sorry we cant coach we are not willing to step out of our comfort zone as to really do what the LORD has called us to do yet we want to be known as leaders and coaches we are sorry but you are fanatical to want to live accordind to Isa 61 that would make us leave our clicks and you cant be in them??? What gives??? They seem to want to glorify themselves and not the LORD as instructed in Isa 61:3


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