Thursday, September 16, 2010

This Generation Must Believe They are Chosen by Luke Holter

This Generation is Like Gideon and Barak

The Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about this awesome younger generation as of late and I am very excited about what He showed me concerning this next generation! The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said this generation is like Gideon and Barak! Gideon and Barak both didn't believe that they were chosen by God to do awesome and mighty things. Even on the outward appearance others didn't see their greatness.

Gideon was visited by the Angel of the Lord who called him a "Mighty man of Valor," and Barak was called forth through the prophetic voice of Deborah! The Lord spoke and said, "I am looking for a prophetic voice to arise in the mothers and fathers of the Church so that they will call forth the Gideons and Baraks!" The Lord is sending out voices to lift up this generation. Voices that are sounding the alarm (which is their voice) and turning on the lighthouse (shining the light of Jesus through holy living) to help equip this generation and to help them see and know the Lord is calling them into their destiny.

The Lord is asking both generations this very question: "Do you have any more sons?" The very Spirit of God is searching to and fro and looking into the hearts of this generation asking, "Who will go for Us?" The Spirit says, "I will give this generation a look into the Heavens and they will be overwhelmed by the greatness of God." With this vision of God they will be filled with passion and respond out of the depths of their hearts and answer the Holy Spirit by saying, "Here we are, Lord, send us."

Don't Miss the Plan of the Lord, Because the Lord is Looking at the Heart of this Generation

The Holy Spirit has been showing me the story of Samuel the prophet and what it looked like when he anointed David as king. I was totally blown away by what the Spirit showed me concerning this event and how we will repeat this event if we are not wise and looking at this next generation through the filter of the Holy Spirit.

When Samuel went to anoint David, Samuel was convinced that each one of David's brothers was the next king because of the outward appearance. God had to remind Samuel that God's anointed was not chosen because of the outward appearance, but because of the heart: But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart" (1 Samuel 16:7).

This was a challenge for Samuel the prophet because he was accustomed to a King (Saul) whose only positive attributes were physical. The challenge that Church fathers and mothers will have with this generation is that they do not fit the mold of things of the past.

Many churches will miss the plan of the Lord because they are looking for the old model of what greatness looks like, but the Lord is teaching the Church this lesson of looking at the heart of this generation.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "But this is Our very plan." The Spirit says, "I am raising up a generation of Davids. I am raising up a generation that looks different and is consumed with the Heart of the Father and by supernatural fire." This generation must believe that it has been given a great invitation from the Lord! You must believe that you are chosen – just like David. You have to believe that you have what it takes to be Kings and Priests! You are called to be Ambassadors of Christ! The very spokespersons of Heaven!

Pour Your Lives into this Next Generation and Prophetically Call them Forth!

The Holy Spirit is living in this generation and is the very power of God! Your generation can walk into the darkness and shine a great light and end suffering for many in this world through the Testimony of Jesus Christ – through sharing the Light of Jesus in this broken, desperate and lonely world.

This younger generation must be shown and understand that relationship births authority! Jesus called upon His relationship not His God-nature (for our sake), and Peter's shadow healed people. Open your ears and listen to the very wind of the Holy Spirit – the Ruach of the Spirit, as the Holy Spirit searches all the inhabitants of this earth asking these questions: "Do you have any more sons?" and "Who will go for Us?"

A Challenge and Call: I want to invite churches to set some time aside and call forth this next generation, anointing them with oil in a service, and establishing them in the call of God on their lives! Pour your lives into this next generation and prophetically call them into their destiny in Christ Jesus!

Luke Holter
Prophetic Sheep Ministries


  1. Yes - good post here.

    "Pour Your Lives into this Next Generation and Prophetically Call them Forth!" This is a great description of mentoring.

    This is key to this younger generation rising up.


  2. They're not only looking for purpose in life and personal direction, but they're looking for identity. Fathers speak identity into their children, and mothers nurture it. In a generation that is speckled with broken families and broken relationships, there is a great need for spiritual mothers and fathers to speak purpose and identity and into this younger generation while nurturing them into the maturity in Christ.

  3. Great word, but what about the historical Jesus Movement? A few hippies got saved because a few others shared the good news. Someone got to me in 1971. We all started sharing Jesus with anyone we met. We can still do it, and calling out the next generation will make it better.


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