Monday, October 25, 2010

When Kingdom Appears, Hell Dies! by Dr.Undrai & Bridget Fizer

When the Awakening of the Kingdom Appears, HELL DIES! 
Dr.Undrai & Bridget Fizer,
When LOVE is perfected within us, "the need for acceptance becomes an irrelevant reality!" We are the Father's "natural children." We were not made by another "and then, by way of spiritual sympathy, found by the Lord!" We were all "formed, born, and created in God, by God, through God, and for God! We possess an Unlimited Kingdom kinship in God and in Christ. I John 4:13-18

We are in a Divine Day, as we speak. The Love of Christ is being "transformed" within us and a Divine Awakening is taking over not only the Church, "but every individual" who has become aware of their birthright in God! This Awakening cannot be "scheduled, or even presented in conference form," but it is taking place right now, as we speak, within the Consciousness of every person who has become "intrigued," by this "God thing" that has taken over their conversations. The Spirit of the Kingdom has begun to "create an inner question, and a Divine Ache," which is causing people to not seek after "religion as we know it," but Divine Fulfillment and a "connection with a Depth of Spirituality that does not make them "mere members of movements," but "Moving Facilitators of the Divine Nature of Christ in the earth!" They are not afraid to be seen as "the sons of God in flesh of many colors, hues, and genders!"

There is an "appearance of The Christ" that is taking place within the dreams, ideas, inventions, and art of many! There is a "rapture" that is happening "before the Rapture!" Many are being "taken up in the Spirit of the Mind" and seeing Jesus face to face, or even Spirit to Spirit! The Thoughts that are empowering them to forget their present limitations, sicknesses and poverty, are actually serving their lives as "the ministering Spirits of God!" In this Divine Day, your Thoughts "are serving YOU as the Angels of the Lord, residing within your mind, spirit, and Imagination!" Oh what a DAY we are living in! You should be excited!

When YOU "have embraced your kinship with God," the need to strive for an audience with your Father "will be over!" There is no need to "pay" for a Moment with your Dad! Every son should know that they naturally possess "assets of the Father!" But a stranger will naturally seek "access" to the Owner of a Thing! Sons naturally possess "access" to the Father because they are of the same Nature and reside in the same House! Access is irrelevant to the sons, while only relevant to those who "live outside of the House!" Access can only be granted to those "who live outside!"

As this Awakening is continually manifested and experienced within the "seeker," "Hell, as we know it, DIES!" When Awakening appears, "hell dies!" Discontentment dies. Poverty dies! Fear dies! Disease dies! Doubt dies! Unbelief dies! Procrastination dies! Blindness dies! You get the picture. When the Awakening of the Son appears within YOU, "hell dies!" If hell is yet alive in you however, Christ has not yet appeared in Glory within the Mind! I John 3:8

The Lord has released it. It is here. This Awakening is residing in the world, touching men, women, children, of every thought, religious concept, and hamlet everywhere. Believe me when I say, He is here. His Mind is here. His Spirit is here. You must also understand that various religious thoughts do not intimidate God. He isn't threatened by others spiritual ignorance or ways of thinking. He is God by Himself. He isn't threatened by the beliefs of another. He isn't moved to sadness by the doubt of another. He is God and He is God by Himself! He isn't intimidated by the fear of another or how He is perceived by another! He is not "human" where He desires acceptance to be embraced! He is far beyond that and way above that! For acceptance, we all may "compromise" here and there. But we are connected and created by a God that need not compromise Himself, His Nature, or His Mind. Acts 17:16-31

Yes, the Awakening is within YOU! And when it appears, "hell will die!"

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