Sunday, October 17, 2010

Don't Miss the Season of Your Longing by Robert Ricciardelli

God is continuing to encourage and re-establish kingly-priestly activity beyond the walls of religious meetings and events. It has always been His desire to manifest Himself through His people in everyday, everywhere, and every way life. There is a strengthened reality of being a citizen of His present Kingdom that is breaking through paralyzed religious paradigms. Hopes and dreams are being resurrected in the midst of down economies and doom and gloom eschatology. This is happening by His Spirit as He pours Himself out on all humanity. He is doing a swift work in educating and empowering His servants, mostly outside of formal education, in which faith and love trump denominational and doctrinal stagnancy.  Kingdom citizens are no longer waiting for heaven, but are now activated on earth and being celebrated in heaven.

People of God are realizing that they have been delivered from darkness into God’s light for a purpose that is for the now. They have been freed to set others free, as Christ has delivered them to become deliverers of those in their land and sphere’s of community. Evangelism is no longer a goal but an outward flow of a life consumed in God, and forged by the fusion of oneness with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They are not witnesses guided by a programmatic script, but have become fire-branded by the Holy Spirit to speak the Word of God fitly spoken for every person, occasion, and season.

Covenant relationships are founded and fueled by God’s love, ordained by Him, and because God put them together, these sons and daughters will not separate. The Body of Christ will learn community and communion with God and each other that make other practices lower realm and obsolete. Through the renewing of their minds daily into seeing the world as Father does, they will influence and lead their specific assigned spheres in society. It will not be a take over as some may think, but a coming under as servant leaders, which guide others into the Way, the Truth, and the Life. People will be magnetized to the Living God within them as friendship, relationship and trust are established and flourish among them. Eternal fusion of body, soul and spirit will be forged through Father’s covenant hands.

It is time for the Body of Christ to say, “It is not about what I believe, but it is about who I am”, and “It is because of who I am that I live in one accord with Fathers heart, and for His glory alone.” Mammon cannot penetrate the hearts of these Kingdom sons. They will seek Father’s opinion on all matters of life and business. There will be an explosion of vision and goodwill from the work place that will rattle the systems of religion and shift the church into Kingdom alignment.

God's people will be thankful from a heart of humility, because only God could do what is being done and no man can steal the glory.  There will be no confidence in the flesh but overwhelming and overcoming confidence in a God that provides all the increase for the days ahead.  The partnership of God and man will become more and more seamless as dualism and the sacred and secular world-views diminish.

Brethren we are at a time where God is truly the God of our lives. This is the time that we all have been waiting for and yet it continues to unfold in marvelous ways beyond what we currently can see. This is the season in our journey where we draw the line and decide that we will not settle for less, we will not compromise, and we will not quit. As God arises in each of us the enemies of Kingdom will scatter as the light of His glory increases. Look for safety in your relationships with each other, the lone rangers will truly find themselves alone as the Body of Christ realizes more fully their need for one another and for real authentic community. Be encouraged, for the season of your longing is here, and the fear of life and death will give way to His Kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven.


  1. Yes!!!!! 2011 is going to be an awesome year of love-thrust and vision-action!!!!!!!! Wahoooooooo!!!!!

  2. Perhaps I'm a bit late reading this, but the timelessness of the message is quite potent. Thanks, Robert for always being tuned into the heart of God on behalf of His people and the reality of what awaits those who walk according to the Spirit of God.


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