Sunday, October 3, 2010

Visionary Advancement Strategies Newsletter October 3, 2010

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Volunteers Needed
We are looking for those who have experience with HTML, websites and Newsletters like this and who may be led to help us for our next steps in reaching and connecting people around the world. You can reach me, Robert, at
Partnership Matters
We continue to do all with all the Lord has given us. For those who choose to partnership, we thank you in advance.
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One other way to support us and  connect with us and others to join CZN as a preferred partner at $14.95 monthly. This will also become a blessing to you as you'll find many relationships, resources, and ways that will assist you as a member. You can find out more and join as a preferred partner below - Preferred Partners
God bless,
From the Ricciardelli's and the growing CZN team.
What do you have planned for the week? Are you looking at life from the valley, from the peak, or somewhere in between? All life is peaks and valleys, all the time, and the Lord uses them both for His good. Poor choices made on the peak may lead to the valley, and the good choices you make while in the valley gives God something to work with for your accent upward. The more good choices you make, the less valleys you will see, and if you keep looking up to God, the view is always the same from the peak or valley, for He remains with you and is your life and sustenance.
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Pondering Quote of the week -
Stand Within What You Believe by Robert Ricciardelli
Sincerity is not truth and often sincerely wrong. No one but God can tell you who you are, what to believe, or how to live. When you discover truth for yourself, you will never let anyone snatch it. We are told what we should think and how we should live our lives based on what others may think is correct. But you are an individual; know what you believe, stand within it, and let the truths of God permeate your being.
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The Antioxidant Myth
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