Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Vision of God's Eternal Purpose by Jim Hylton

Our western culture has little consciousness of the kingdom of God. Kingdom sightedness in our culture is woefully lacking. We hear the gospel of how to go to heaven or the gospel of successful church at the expense of the gospel Jesus preached, the gospel of the kingdom. (Matt 4:1) The rapid growth of the church today takes place outside our country and the reason is the understanding and proclamation of the kingdom.

A group of eleven leaders from other countries meet with Bob Roberts annually. Most of them were part of an annual meeting that I had the privilege of attending recently. These eleven pastor/leaders give oversight to churches made up of a total of 1,700,000 people. They are humble men who see the kingdom of God and know the spirit of the ruling king of that kingdom, Jesus our Lord. They get it! By seeing the kingdom they see an order of God's power and God's precision that causes the church to explode with growth.

Their simple approach is not to start churches but to make disciples who see the kingdom by seeing Jesus as He is today. From Ivory Coast, Africa through India, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Palestine and other nations, not known as fields white for harvest, they see the kingdom come just as Jesus promised. As they pray for the kingdom to come, they become the gates and doors that open to the entry of the King of Glory. (Psalm 24:7-10) Their king comes bringing His kingdom with Him.

The kingdom of God can't be messed up. It is ruled over by God who never relinquishes control. We can miss it but we can't mess it up.

Missing it is the greatest mistake we can make. Entry into and sight of the kingdom is supernatural and can only be experienced by the Holy Spirit's enablement. Sight becomes one of the greatest benefits of the new birth. (John 3:2-5)

Sight never creates anything, it is a gift for recording what already exists. The kingdom of God already exists and awaits being seen by the lenses offered to God's family members. Entering the kingdom without eyes to see the kingdom is like living as a handicapped person without vision.

As soon as God had created the earth He created light. (Genesis 1:1-3) Without light what exists cannot be seen. God intended for sight to attend his creation so it could be enjoyed by those created in His own likeness. Paul knew this essential element of sight. He entered the kingdom of God when light came in blinding strength to him. (Acts 9:1-9) In that encounter with Jesus, Paul got it! He saw the kingdom and declared it as his life message. (Acts 19:8, 20-25, 28:23,31) When sight was restored to Paul again after three days, he never lost the value of seeing God's order and God's eternal purpose. (Eph 1:17-23) Paul prayed for what he knew is essential for us, namely that we see! When the kingdom is not viewed a reality is lost to the spiritual senses just as any majestic scene is lost to the sightless person.

The kingdom exists for more than enjoyable observation. God makes us His family members as sons and daughters to be part of His family business. Our spiritual destiny in Christ is to be part of doing what the Father gave Jesus to do. (John 17:22-26) The men from other nations that I referenced earlier, are normal Christians impacting their cultures because they welcome the culture of heaven being released through them and those they have discipled.

"The Supernatural Skyline" is about heaven touching earth in kingdom expressions. It offers the accounts of having seen the windows of heaven open with an outpouring of God's presence, power and purpose. It offers the hope that instead of reading about those countries of the world where the kingdom is coming, we have the models in America starting in our own hearts.


  1. I think I'm getting what Jim is trying to say. A couple of things came to mind as I read it: First, with all the talk about light and sight and observation, I recall Jesus saying that the Kingdom of God comes without observation. If I'm able to peak outside of my mental box I wonder what that means? Flesh and blood cannot enter the Kingdom of God. If I slow that down a bit that's a powerful statement. And, the best part is that Jesus Christ is the Kingdom of God! Wow, does that ever cause a lot of stuff to fall off if we let that Reality sink into our hearts..oh..yes.. the Kingdom of Heaven is within us. Does that mean
    only in Christians who believe a certain way, or does that include all men who get their Life from our Lord in whom all things consist.
    Yes, it's a wonderful thing seeing His Kingdom experienced in the relationships with other people.

  2. It sounds like there's a dichotomy in how one views the Kingdom: either through an Eastern or Western mindset. The Eastern seems to live the kingdom from the heart whereas in the West we see it in a much more structural/organizational form, something that needs to be built rather than lived.

  3. True Vincenzo - and in so doing they miss The Kingdm of God and instead they build the kingdom of men.

    And if you tell them they have erred or that they are going in the wrong direction they will insulate & distance them selves from you or you from them and THEIR congregation.


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