Friday, August 6, 2010

Faith to Journey Down the Unknown Road by Janice VanCronkhite

Faith to journey down the unknown road
(Janice is family to Joyce and I, Click any of the painting and see her website filled with Spirit inspired art or go to

There is something daunting about traveling a path that seems to fade into The Vast

Unknown. Though taking such a road may at first seem adventurous, poetic, and spiritually invigorating, reality is, it can severely test our relationship with God and reveal the kinks in our life of faith.

I have to wonder how much Abraham understood when he agreed to obey God and leave behind all he knew and had placed his security in. Did he think "Ah, a short vacation to break up my summer schedule" or "I'm leaving, like forever, and don't have a clue where I'll be the rest of my life"?

Abraham definitely chose to take a road few others would have taken. I doubt it was even a road he saw before him; perhaps

just the sound of his Creator's voice that caused his heart to explode in faith and embark on what must have seemed to others a most futile and ridiculous journey. But Abraham believed what God told him and God declared him a righteous man because of it.

Do we choose to not go down a certain road today because it just doesn't make sense, or it's so different from what or where we imagined we would be at this stage in our life? Do we not follow God's voice because we can't see where we are headed much beyond the next ten minutes?

When the Lord again says (and He will), "Let's start over together on a new journey," I hope our hearts burst in faith and we find sustaining joy and strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other, even when we can't see the road ahead. It would be so sad to miss out on any part of this most remarkable, mysterious, and supernatural journey called Life.


  1. Love this and agree totally. I have ben on just such a journey for awhile now and at times it does get scarey, but I know with Jesus leading the way, it willbe okay. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. I didn't want to post Anonymous, but I tried to post on this and one more and it would nly let me this way. carlyn


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