Thursday, May 6, 2010

Knowing the Name by Dudley Hall

O righteous Father, even though the world does not know you, I know you, and these know that you have sent me. I have made known to them your name, and I will continue to make it known, that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I in them.  John 17:25-26 (ESV) 

The only person who really knows the true nature of God the Father is Jesus the Son. The world's perspective cannot fathom even an approximation of him. But Jesus came to make him known to his own. He offers to his disciples the privilege of knowing the Father the way the Son does. That is an awesome thought.

Since Adam, mankind has been looking at God through the bushes of shame. We have speculated as to his desires and requirements. Some have tried to appease what they perceived to be an angry god. Some have tried to avoid him as an intrusive god. Some have tried to redefine him in their own image. Some have tried to convince themselves that he doesn't exist, so they won't have to deal with him at all. But Jesus came to reveal his true nature. He told Phillip that to see him is to see the Father.

Through faith in Jesus as the Son of God, we can actually know God as Father. We not only know the facts about him as recorded in Scripture, we know him in relationship and in ongoing progressive revelation. There is more treasure to discover in him than we have time in eternity. He is worthy of all our attention. He must not be added into our lives as an addendum.  He has given us himself, and he is as faithful to us in revealing the nature of the Father as he was to his original twelve.

Knowing Jesus will result in our being as confident in the love of the Father as he was. People who are confident in being loved are unconquerable and unstoppable. We need not spend another moment in trying to qualify for his love. Jesus has done that. We get what he deserves and can enjoy the fellowship now. We honor him by believing what he says and living in it. Let's give him our trust.


  1. A lot of folks say they wonder why it took them sooo long to learn this; why up to age 40, or 45 or 50, they wonder! So slow we are to "mature" and seek God on a fresh level! But, praise God, He understands, all too well.

  2. Amen! It is sad therefore that so much of what might be known intimately about our Father and His Son, through their Names alone, got lost as our minds became blinded through Greek religious philosophy, "Latinising" of Scriptures, and subsequent spectacles of Western perspective and denominational selectivity in translating and interpreting Scripture interpretations. The Hebrew and Aramaic language and culture provide amazing insight for any discerning Bible Student who also digs down into the Names "Yahweh" and "Yah who Redeems". Thank you for high-lighting such importance.

  3. Star Daily says-
    I can't help commenting on John 18 Verse 6 where Jesus is invoking the name of God by referring to "I Am" in the correct way causing them to fall backward as though dead!! How important is it that we understand Yeshua and the Holy name of the Father while at the same time protecting the name from abuse by us by His grace and sacrifice.


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