Sunday, April 25, 2010

Uncultivated Fruit by Bob Mumford

Is the seed still in the barn?[1)

When I was young, my Dad took me to visit my Grandfather. There was a lot of arguing between them, but I figured that was just how adults acted. Pork chops had been served for dinner and there was one left on the plate in the middle of the table when an electrical storm hit and all the lights went out. In the dark, both my Dad and my Grandpa went for the last pork chop, but Grandpa beat him to it and my Dad ended up jabbing him in the back of his hand with his fork. Then, in my memory, all hell broke loose and my Dad packed us up and went home. I assumed that because they were Christians they would act a certain way, so I was rather shocked that as soon as the lights went out both of them acted in their own best interest. I now understand that they had the seed of God in them, but that seed was essentially left uncultivated so it never grew to the point of producing the fruit of Agape.

Uncultivated Seed is kept in the barn rather than planted, or under the clod[2] and never germinated. When the Agape seed remains uncultivated, it lays dormant in us. It has potential, rather than realization; theory, rather than experience; and doctrine in the place of fruit.  

Unfruitful Seed falls into several categories: trampled, eaten by birds, withered because they had no roots, and choked by thorns.[3] When seed is trampled on or eaten by birds, it cannot find soil deep enough to take root or the soil is so shallow that is unsuitable to grow anything. The Seed can also be choked by thorns meaning it is crowded out or overpowered by all kinds of legitimate things in our life. However, without fruit, we are considered useless and unproductive. One of the more frightening descriptions of being fruitless is: “…men who are hidden reefs in your love feasts when they feast with you without fear, caring for themselves; clouds without water, carried along by winds; autumn trees without fruit, doubly dead, uprooted.”[4]

Most new believers with weak foundations or inadequate spiritual root systems have been battered beyond comprehension by inner voices and by God’s own people using Scripture in an accusatory and condemning manner. Psychological techniques and the wrong use of Bible verses do not necessarily bring harmony, neither are they able to effectively repair something in disarray. The Seed may yet be in the barn and not have experienced the necessary planting, death, and resurrection that release the life of Agape.

Not all conflict we experience is about us; much of it surrounds the Seed that has been inseminated within us. The growing process can be painful as fruit is birthed.[5] This process is critical because the whole creation[6] is waiting for the Agape seed to come to birth in us.

Thoughts & Questions

*  Describe what it means to have uncultivated seed lying dormant in you?
*  Why are we useless without fruit?
* Is there any unfruitful Seed in your life that Father is asking you to cultivate?

[1] Haggai 2:19
[2] Joel 1:12
[3] Matthew13:3-7
[4] Jude 12
[5] John 16:20-21
[6] Romans 8:19-21

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  1. WOW! I am just enjoying this article very much and I believe there are many people I am sharing it with! It's the time of checking the quality of our fruits! I know that when I want to eat a mango, I will not eat it if it's not ripe enough or if it's too hard or if it's too ripe.
    Thanks for sharing!


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