Sunday, January 2, 2011

Might As Well Be You For 2011 by Robert Ricciardelli

Someone has to be you, might as well be you.

Unrealized New Years resolutions have come and gone, and it is time to be resolved in surrendering to God's necessary shifts for your journey. This is a new season; a new beginning that necessitates the letting go of past failures and unfruitful seasons. God is doing a new thing; can you see it, and will you walk into it? Today is the day to move from resolutions to destiny's reality for your life.

God continues to make evident His desire for us to be who we really are in Him, so that who He is becomes the outward flow of His inward presence in our lives. It is in the becoming of authentic self that we give God something to work with in us and through us. Father has designed us to become the carriers of His presence to the world and will continue to form us into His likeness and nature when we authentically live in His ways and His truth.

Many times in the protection of self we put on all kinds of masks to give the impression to others and ourselves that we are significant. But our significance has always been, and must always remain in Him alone. He is taking all of us down the road to "De-Mask-Us" from false identities so that we can become our true selves, identified in Him. Those who refuse to go down "De-Mask-Us" road will continue to find themselves diminishing in their relevance and influence to the people they are supposed to reach.

At the end of the day, people will not applaud the fraud, but the real will have much appeal for them.

Not being true to yourself displaces faith in whom you are becoming and what is yet to unfold. We are not to be posers before man regardless of how quick we think it may get us to the next perceived phase of our journey.

It is time to stop the “fake it till you make it” routine and begin to live the life you were born to fulfill. We must rediscover our core values and return to, or discover for the first time, our authentic self. As we get real and get right, we will activate a passion, excitement, and confidence that have been locked away for too long. 

Most anything we do is based on our perception of life, God, other people, and ourselves.  The most impactful perception is how we view ourselves; who are we, why are we here? Our self-talk dictates what we see as possible or impossible and how we should behave in the varied contexts of life. A single false perception may not be a problem, but the perceptions that come from fear and deception will deplete our energy, diminish our self-worth, and take us away from God’s plan for us.

We must seek to know ourselves through the reflective eyes of the Spirit, and the understanding of what we can or cannot change. In partnering with God there are requirements He will direct us towards that will empower us to change. When we seek authentic self and son-ship, we will discover the things that the Lord will divinely depose of in our obedience, while showing us the parts of life we must change. We ask Holy Spirit to begin to show us our personality traits, learned behaviors, values and goals, and begin to see how they measure up to His divine standards and plans.

We can begin today…

•    To have the courage to acknowledge our limitations and embrace our vulnerability.
•    To gain the confidence to be humble while relying on the Lord’s overcoming strength.
•    To choose to be content in all things, while working towards integration, alignment, and congruence of our values, beliefs, and actions.
•    To live in the authentic expression of ourselves, doing what we say we will do, and abiding in who we are and who we are becoming.
•    To honor God by being true to Him, others, and ourselves.
•    To step into God’s way forward, and His tremendous plans. We can now walk with renewed vision, a releasing from our past, and the soaring into the new things He has for us.

Someone has to be you, might as well be you.


  1. Thank you, Robby...again you have spoken my heart! It is time to let go of the past and walk unhindered into the future with Him. I am excited about what I am sensing and it would seem that I am not alone!! Many blessings to you and Joyce and I look forward to walking this path with you in the Spirit...Love MMJ

  2. Thanks Mama J, you are loved. Come join our growing network. Would love to have your voice there with us... Happy New Year.


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