Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fit & Fun Game with Coach Robert Ricciardelli

Please listen to my 3 minute video below and consider joining myself and others as we kick off a month of getting fit and having fun. If you cannot make one of the webinar at 7PM CST on Monday and Thursday nights that describe the opportunity in more detail, you can express your interest to me at agaperoad@gmail.com and we can schedule a brief call together. I will be coaching a new session each week. Come along for an impact filled journey to a new you...


Fit and Fun Game is first and foremost about having FUN with others who, like you, want to increase their overall health, wellness and vitality.  We accomplish this by making the process of overall fitness fun by turning it into a game that you play in an exciting and engaging way! 

You can see the live presentation of what we are doing every Monday and Thursday evening at 7PM Central time by going to this website http://www.fitfungame.com/live.html

Here is more information on the revolutionary Isagenics nutrition we are using in the Fit and Fun experience. Isagenix Scientific Natural Solution

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