Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Favorite Model of Leadership by Dr. Ron Jenson

As the culture becomes more and more dysfunctional we need people at all levels to take the lead!

I routinely read leadership books, blogs, trends and articles on leadership in the corporate, political and non-profit arenas. There are many interesting models of good leadership but I believe the best anywhere can be found in the the lives of three men who had an enormous impact in the 1st Century.

In a few short months Paul, Timothy, and Silas, three men of distinctly different personalities equipped leaders who built one of the healthiest and successful churches in the New Testament. They were leading a start up and they got amazing results.

These leaders modeled 10 core principles recorded in 1 Thessalonians 2:7-12.  Two of these are implicit and eight are explicit.

   1. Team Oriented.
They worked together. And, they all manifested and lived out the same principles regardless of personality. So you can say, “it’s just not my personality.”
   2. Disciplined Life.
They consistently and persistently lived out these principles. They were patterned, disciplined and built these as core competencies.
   3. Gentle Spirit.
They cared for their people “like a nursing mother tenderly cares for here child.” Think of that metaphor and the tenderness it elicits.
   4. Fond Affection.
They authentically cared for these people. They “loved them so much” that they lived out this life of sacrifice and commitment.
   5. Effective Communications.
The connected with people. They knew had to listen and how to deliver truth.
   6. Personal Openness.
They were transparent and knew how to “impart their own lives.” The word is “soul”. They opened up their lives (good and bad) to those they served.
   7. Servant Leadership.
They understood the power of serving others and leading in a way that met others.
   8. Hard Work.
They “worked night and day” so they wouldn’t burden people. They were tireless.
   9. Strong Model.
They were good models before others and God. They didn’t fake it but walked their talk.
  10. Caring Confrontation.
They confronted and encouraged like “a father” because they wanted these people to grow and become all God had in mind for them.

So how about you? How do you align with these principles? And, do you have a better model you like?



  1. You forgot the most important: They are lead by the Holy Spirit (they walk with God).

  2. Amen Kathy, He empowers them to walk out these principles.

  3. Jesus was the best example for all, because He had a servant's heart that genuinely loved people.
    We desperately need the fruit of His Holy Spirit that will shed His love into our hearts, so that we can love others like He loves us!


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